About Basile Química

Chemistry of Results

Founded in 1988, Basile Química distributes high-quality raw materials to all sectors of rubber, latex, plastic, painting and adhesive products industries. Assuring deliveries within up to 24 hours, Basile Química provides a comprehensive line of national and imported products, as well as exclusively manufactured products, with outstanding performance and more competitive prices, that are equal to (and many times even better than) the globally known products.

Audited Quality

Basile Química Audited Quality is an exclusive system of search, evaluation, analysis, control and distribution that searches and selects the best raw materials available worldwide. It means that we go to wherever the products are manufactured in order to audit manufacturing procedures and standards, and assure uniformity. When such products are received in our facilities, all batches are rigorously analyzed in our own laboratory before they are available for distribution. Therefore, when you buy a Basile Química product, we assure you that the best product will be delivered to your company, for the best price and in the best possible time.